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                                                         AWARENESS PROGRAMS

                           WORK AT HEIGHT AWARENESS

        Course Code: A-WAH/SM/CL2
          Ÿ Site-Hall/Classroom arrangements with Projector and screen
          Ÿ For large audience-Mike and Speaker
        Target Participants:
        This course is designed for managers and supervisors who are not required to work at height, but are responsible
        for employees & contractors working at heights on their site.
               Duration           Ratio                  Trainer Level
               4 hours             NA              Min Competency Level 2 (CL2)

        Training Methodology: Class-room
        Learning Objectives:
          Ÿ Legislation and Safety requirements for WAH
          Ÿ Hazards Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)
          Ÿ Hierarchy of control measures
          Ÿ Permit To Work (PTW)
          Ÿ ABC of Fall Protection
          Ÿ Components of Fall Protection System (FPS)
          Ÿ Different types of PPE, selection of appropriate equipment
          Ÿ Importance of Equipment Certification & Testing
        Assessment: None
        Certification: Attendance Certification for batches upto 30 pax
        Validity: NA

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