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                                                         AWARENESS PROGRAMS

                           WORK AT HEIGHT & BASIC RESCUE AWARENESS

        Course Code: A-WAHBR/SM/CL2
          Ÿ Site-Hall/Classroom arrangements with Projector and screen
          Ÿ For large audience-Mike and Speaker
          Ÿ Safe site availability incase Practical drill is required
        Target Participants:
        This course is designed for providing awareness on working at height and managing rescue scenarios by the
        managers and supervisors who are not directly involved in performing these activities.
             Duration               Ratio                    Trainer Level
                            2 Facilitator for Practical drill
           8 hours (1 Day)                            Min Competency Level 2 (CL2)
                             (if practical drill involved)
        Training Methodology:
          Ÿ Class-room
          Ÿ Practical Drill by Facilitator only if site is available
        Learning Objectives:
          Ÿ Legislation and Safety requirements for WAH
          Ÿ Hazards Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)
          Ÿ Hierarchy of control measures
          Ÿ Permit To Work (PTW)
          Ÿ Tool Box Talk
          Ÿ Barricading
          Ÿ ABC of Fall Protection
          Ÿ Components of Fall Protection System (FPS)
          Ÿ Different types of PPE, selection of appropriate equipment
          Ÿ PPE Standards & Inspection
          Ÿ Rescue Readiness.
          Ÿ How to perform Site audit
        Assessment: None
        Certification: Attendance Certification for batches upto 30 pax
        Validity: NA

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