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                                                         AWARENESS PROGRAMS

                            WORK AT HEIGHT, CONFINED SPACE & BASIC
                            RESCUE AWARENESS (All Categories)

        Course Code: A-WAHCS&BR/CL2
          Ÿ Site-Hall/Classroom arrangements with Projector and screen
          Ÿ For large audience-Mike and Speaker
          Ÿ Safe site availability incase Practical drill is required
        Target Participants:
        This course is designed for people who requires to gain basic knowledge on working at height, confined space,
        Rescue Techniques &  Procedures.
              Duration              Ratio                   Trainer Level
                            2 Facilitator for Practical drill
            8 hours (1 Day)                           Min Competency Level 2 (CL2)
                             (if practical drill involved)
        Training Methodology:
          Ÿ Class-room.
          Ÿ Group & Individual Exercise
          Ÿ Practical Drill by Facilitator only if site is available
        Learning Objectives:
          Ÿ Accident Statistical data
          Ÿ Understanding importance of Fall Protection System
          Ÿ Concepts of Work at Height
          Ÿ HIRA ,Case study solving
          Ÿ PFPE (Personal Fall Protective Equipment)
          Ÿ Suspension Trauma
          Ÿ International Standards and Legislations
          Ÿ Basic Rescue relating to WAH
          Ÿ Confined Space
          Ÿ Entry procedures in CS
          Ÿ Equipment used in CS
          Ÿ Rescue in CS
          Ÿ Roles & Responsibilities
        Assessment: None
        Certification: Attendance Certification for batches upto 30 pax
        Validity: NA
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