CSR by KARAM through Environmental Efforts

At KARAM, there is a strong sense of awareness towards conservation of the environment and the need for sustainable sources of energy. And over the years, KARAM has undertaken a vast number of steps towards this effect:

1.   Installation of Solar Plant to harness solar energy for Production: One of the major projects undertaken by KARAM in the year 2016-17 is the installation of Solar panels on the roof of one of the Units of KARAM in Lucknow, covering a vast span of the area over its roof top. Not only will this supply sustainable energy, it has also reduced the effects of heat as a result of sunlight in the tropical working conditions. The project is an ongoing one, with plans for further investments in this undertaking in the next 3 years.


2.   Plantation Drive: KARAM initiated a Plantation drive in the year 2016-17 by planting more than 200 trees across its various offices and Works in India, as well as in Dubai. KARAM has also launched “Plant a Tree” campaign in its Lucknow Unit for all the Customers who come to pay a visit there. It is our endeavor, in KARAM, to work towards a greener environment.


3.   Save Water Campaign: This is an ongoing Drive, which started in the year 2009-10, and has gained momentum in the year 2016. Strong effective efforts have been made to conserve Water through initiating processes like recycling of water, monitoring the water usage and controlling water wastage. Awareness has also been created amongst all the members of KARAM for the importance of conservation of water. Strong initiatives have also been planned for the next 3 years, wherein the focus will be on effective Rainwater Harvesting processes, to restore the ground Water levels in Lucknow Unit.

4.   Save Paper Campaign: This is also an ongoing campaign in KARAM, where strong initiatives are taken to control the usage of paper, and also to recycle paper wherever possible. At KARAM, we are aiming for significant reduction in paper usage by the end of 2017-18, involving most of the processes, where possible.


5.   Save the Environment Campaign: This On-going campaign is dedicated to save the environment through efforts like- treating effluents before discharge into the soil, putting proper disposal methods in place, etc. The campaign began in the year 2013, and since then effective Effluent Treatment plants have been set up and proper waste disposal methods have been put into place.


6.   General efforts: Other General Efforts also include activities like- installation of Safe Drinking Water outlets across all Offices of KARAM in India for passersby during the hot months of the year; and installation of Bird baths for the birds again during the hot months of the year. KARAM also launched Safe-Drive Campaign for all its employees in the year 2015, where awareness for safety on the road was emphasized greatly.