After evaluating the need for safety awareness at workplace KARAM has come up with an innovative initiatives in the form of its Mobile Studio Van under the campaign name of “Safe India Drive”. Through the Mobile Studio Van, KARAM has extended its hands to all the industries to learn all about safety from its experts at their doorstep.

Mobile KARAM Studio” will be travelling across the length and breadth of our country to create safety awareness at work place. The mobile studio gives you a chance to see new innovative products, try fall protection equipment on a training scaffold and also gives you an exclusive opportunity to witness live product testing.

The Daylong activity includes the following:

  • Briefing on the Products displayed in the studio.
  • Live Demonstration and training of how to use the products correctly
  • Demonstration of Strength Test on the KARAM products to gain confidence on their performance
  • Resolving queries raised by participating audience

The workforce working across industries are still not very aware about the use and that too the proper use and usefulness of the Personal Protective and Fall Protection equipment. KARAM’s endeavor of Mobile Demo van is a step to spread safety and proper use of different safety equipment which can protect and if required can save their lives from different work related hazards.

In the first phase of the operations the KARAM Mobile studio has been able to visit the states like – Delhi/NCR, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala.

In the second phase it is about to cover the states like Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and so on..

The KARAM Mobile studio will in fact travel the complete India for its safety awareness

Geographical Reach

KARAM MOBILE DEMO VAN has already been able to Visit 235 companies all across North and South India and has imparted safety awareness as well as trainings to more than 37835 work force across industries.


Karam Lounge program was very good. Our workers are happy to have such a good safety program at our company premises. We want that such sessions should happen again in future.
Manager Safety - Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Karam safety training program was a very good session for our workers and supervisors. This is a very good initiative to aware the working people on self-protection. We have given an order to Karam to buy full body harness and safety glasses.
Manager Safety - AVT Natural Product Pvt. Ltd.

It was good for the team. We got to know about the products which we did not knew previously.
Sr. Manager - Aarti Industries Limited

It was good. We got to know about shock absorber even the workers were happy to know about the products which might help them to build confidence towards the products and make them work comfortably
Safety Manager - L&T

It was a good experience for me and my team. I also liked the Mobile van the way it was designed. It was a well-planned and well organized activity at whole. Thank you for considering us as a potential client.
Safety Officer - Ultratech Cement

It is excellent. It was very helpful. The approach was very nice it. We would love to organize it again whenever it is suitable.
Safety Head - Reliance Industries

Was a wonderful activity. My team was pretty excited after seeing the mobile van and the whole setup. It created an excitement for the team to watch the demo and training.
Safety Head - Adani Port Ltd.

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