TL 07

Webbing Tool D-Ring
Ref : TL 07
  • Attachment D-ring with integrated webbing, length 3.93 Inches. The webbing has a 2.36 Inches passage.
  • Has a Steel D-ring (inside diam. 0.866 Inches).
  • This D-ring can be installed on a belt, and allows creating a tool-holding point on the belt.
  • It can also be installed on tools (with the help of selfmerging rubber tape), allowing to create an attachment point on the tool (for unperforated tools).
  • Recommended for attaching tools of 22 lbs max., only 4.40 lbs max. when used with self-merging rubber tape.
Material Width Weight
Polyester 0.98 Inch 0.07 lbs