Ref : ELE 06FT
  • Extremely light in weight, (weighing less than 1.32 lbs excluding hook).
  • Available with Mono/Twin Connectors option to choose from
    Ref. PN 169        Ref. PN 170  
  • Can be used as a Single & Y-Shaped Lanyard with Mono/Twin Connectors
  • High strength housing provides maximum durability
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 3000 lbs
  • Automatic Quick Fall Arrester to arrest fall to less than 900 lbs & Fall Arrest distance less than 24″
  • Has inbuilt textile shock pack with protective cover on it
  • 6 ft Retractable Webbing provides continuous fall protection without any obstacles- keeps lifeline out of worker’s way, reducing snagging, fragging & trip falls
  • Fall Distance is minimal as compared to Shock Absorbing Lanyards hence Retrieval of fall victim is easier
  • Hook PN 130A at attachment end
  • Consists of detailed Dos’ & Dont’s Instruction inside the cover
  • Conforms to : ANSI Z 359.14-2014 Class A

Unique Features :

  • New Smart & Stylish design with different Hook options to choose from.
  • Incorporated with Robust & Durable casing, this Elektron SRL is extremely Light in weight & easy to carry (almost pocket size).
  • Made up of finest material for Longevity and Extended use.

KARAM Advantage : Elektron is also designed to be used in Situations where anchor point is available at foot level.