4. Anchorages 
Knowing your Anchorages


The Anchorage point is commonly referred to as a secure tie off point. It is the place where a worker anchors himself so that he can easily move about that point, and also hold on safely incase he experiences a fall.

There are certain important points to note while one anchors to any anchorage point
1) Always make sure that the Anchorage used (whether a scaffolding bar, or the bar of a ladder, or an Anchorage Connector) is strong enough to hold you in case you are subjected to a fall. Technically, it should be capable of withstanding a static load of more than 12 kN for 3 minutes.

2) You should Anchor yourself to the point which lies directly overhead. If the Anchorage point is below the shoulder level, then the distance of the fall gets increased, thereby exposing you to a risk.

3) Avoid a Swing-Fall Try to anchor yourself to a point which is more vertically above you, than to your side. If the anchorage is on the side, you may experience a risky swing in the event of a fall, and may injure yourself by hitting an obstacle.



Common Examples to determine Anchor Points/Usage


S. No. Work Area Hazard Mobile Anchorage Solution by Karam Fixed Anchorage Solution by Karam
1. Ladder Fall due to Vertical Climbing Up and Down Rope Grabs on flexible (textile) anchorage lines
  • FPS on Rigid Cable Line
  • FPS on ALU Rail
  • KARAM Ladder System-PN 9000
2. Roof Top
  • Fall through Skylight
  • Fall from Roof Edge
  • Fall from Roof Slope
Temporary Horizontal Line- PN 3000, PN 3001, PN 3002, Handy Line PN 4001 Fixed Horizontal Line Systems PN 4000, PN 5000
3. Scaffold
  • Fall while Erecting and Dismantling the Scaffold
  • Fall while working on Scaffold
Rope Grabs on Textile Anchorage Line
  • Retractable Twin Block
  • FPS on ALU Rail
  • KARAM Ladder System PN 9000
4. Truck Loading/ unloading Fall from Truck; Injury due to Swing Fall NA Fixed Horizontal Line Systems-PN 4000, PN 5000
5. Beams and Girders Fall due to movement on Beam Anchorage Devices- SA 08, SA 15, SA 13
  • FPS on Rigid Cable Line
  • FPS on ALU Rail
  • KARAM Ladder System-PN 9000
6. Confined Spaces Fall while lowering or raising the user Quadpod, Tripod, Hexapod K-Pod
7. Constructions Fall through unguarded edges of Platforms/Slabs Anchorage Slings & Point Anchorage Devices- PN 805; PN 806; SA 13A; SA 12; SA 09; SA 16
8. Tower Erection Fall while Erecting and dismantling the Tower Retractable Twin Block
9. Exterior Facade Fall while working in suspended position Parapet Anchor; SA 09; SA 11; SA 11B Point Anchorage Device SA 12 Floor Mounted Alu-Rail System;
Floor Mounted Wire Rope System
10. Rescue Fall Hazard Anchorage Slings- PN 803, PN 807, PN 813