How Women Can Be Their Own Inspiration

How Women Can Be Their Own Inspiration

Confidence and inspiration are not the same. A woman can be confident yet lack inspiration while a woman with inspiration is always confident. Confidence affects how women think of themselves and how they interact with others; inspiration, on the other hand, bestows the vision to push boundaries and reshape the world. The best leaders in the world are inspired by something. Inspiration has shaped history and the world in which we live. Inspiration has created masterful works or art, poetry, and led to the rise and fall of empires. If one could choose between being confident and being inspired, the right choice should be obvious.

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Inspiration Moves Mountains

The greatest historical feats were the result of inspiration; the French Revolution was the result of inspiration spreading among the masses that people ought to have the right to self govern. After the French Revolution, millions across the world embraced the ideas of equality and self-government. Inspiration allowed Albert Einstein to grasp special relativity and inspiration allowed Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel. Inspiration led Rani Lakshmibai to resist the British Raj and fight for independence. Marie Curie inspired the women of her generation to pursue a career in science and Rosalind Franklin’s inspiration allowed her the insight to visualize DNA’s double helix shape. Inspiration gives, vision, purpose, and certitude and luckily inspiration can be acquired.

How to Seek Inspiration

No woman ever found inspiration doing nothing or while engaged in dull and meaningless activities. To be inspired a woman must step into the world and allow new ideas to permeate her mind. Remaining open to new ways of thinking and seeking out fresh challenges is one way to become inspired. Experiencing different cultures is another. Steve Jobs was certainly inspired because his ideas about creating computers that were as easy to use as appliances revolutionised the world. Jobs travelled to India in his 20’s; something only the most open and experiential American’s did at the time.

Easier Ways to Be Inspired

Travelling the world in search of new experiences isn’t for everyone. Many women searching for inspiration can find it close to home if they try hard enough. While the most gifted are often inspired in flashes of brilliance, there are steps regular women can take to be inspired.

Make a List

The first step to inspiration can be as mundane as making a list. The list should contain goals one may have or things one wants to change. As goals are completed they should be checked off one by one. This leads to a sense of accomplishment and purpose that one is reaching set goals. There are some great apps that allow people to reach goals in such an organised manner. Doing so regularly may not result in someone creating a fantastic work of art, but it will allow a person to visualize goals and inspire them to complete them.

Be Positive

People have heard so many times that a positive attitude leads to success that they’re immune to the words, but there’s a reason it’s been heard for decades; because it’s true. Remaining positive and open is essential to success whether you’re a man or women.

Be Resilient

The phrase “Winners Don’t Quit and Quitters Never Win” is true; no one completed an important task by quitting it halfway. It’s important for women to have heart, faith, and to not give up before reaching their goal. Remaining resilient in the face of challenges will lead to inspiration.

Be Humble

Humility is a key success and to feel inspired. People can get carried away by early success, being humble in such instances allows women to remain focused on their goals, to not get carried away, and not make careless mistakes due to excitement.

Be Experiential

Inspiration can strike when people least expect it but is helped by fertile surroundings. To be one’s own inspiration it is importance to experience life, to notice things in one’s surroundings, and to learn from others who are different.

Dress Well

While inspired geniuses often don’t care much for their own appearances, every woman seeking inspiration ought to. Dressing well allows one to feel more confident and attracts people. Most people can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress and being well dressed ensures a woman attracts the best people to her. When she is well dressed, a woman feels really good too.

Create Yourself Anew

Pushing boundaries is essential to feeling inspired. This can be done by dressing in a style that is not one’s own or by eating cuisine from a part of the world one does not know anything about. Learning to cook a new cuisine or taking up painting or playing a new sport and making such activities a regular part of one’s life also leads to inspiration.

Inspiration is a word that has deep connotations, many can be inspired by others, but fewer are able to inspire themselves. By inculcating new habits and fresh tendencies, a woman can inspire herself and grow into a richer personality people are inspired by and attracted to.

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