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       Challenges faced                    4 While Working on towering heights.
                                           4 Work in areas having less clearance distance.
       during work                          4 Repeated work on a defined site, at a height.

       at Height                            4 Lack of enough suitable Anchorage points.
                                             4 Confined Spaces.

       KARAM Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks...  the perfect solution for such tricky situations


       4 Can be anchored to a single point and allows the user to move uninhibited at different levels.
       4 The connecting lanyard is such that is retracts or extends to different lengths as required, is always taut with no slack.
       4 In the event of a fall, the block locks immediately with minimum fall distance & lowers the impact of force to less than 6 kN.

         Casing             :  Available in both robust & polymer casing and in Aluminium Casing
         Lock Mechanism     :  Unique centrifugal Braking Mechanism

         Applications       :  Ideal for Vertical use in various hazardous conditions for personnel weighing upto 136 Kgs.
         Retractable Life Line  :   Available in both Webbing & GI wire rope.

         Harness End Connector   :  Swivel Snap Hook with Load Indicator PN 162 which indicates a warning line when a Fall has occurred.
         Conformity         :  Tested and Certified. Conforms to EN 360:2002

                                                       Fall Distance

                 Fall Distance   Absorbing Lanyard while
                      Fall with Energy
                     working on platform
                                             Much Smaller Fall distance when Fall
                                             with Retractable Fall Arrester Block

                      Small fall clearance distance required when using a
                           KARAM Retractable Fall Arrest Blocks.

                                                                             High Impact Resistant Polymer Casing of
                                                                              KARAM Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks

                                 KARAM  introduces  a  built  in  Side  Handle  with  Special  grip  for  perfect  comfort  during
                                 carrying of heavier blocks. This special handle comes incorporated in all Polymer casing, GI
                                 and Webbing lanyard Blocks of 10m size to 30m size.


       KARAM handle is placed on the side of the               12
       block. This enables easy carry of the block
       and also prevents the Retractable line to hit         136 Kg max
       against the ground while walking (which may
       be a case if the handle were placed at the top)
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