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           Also Meets Sharp Edge Test & Pass Dynamic Test of Fall Factor 2

                                Mikron  Block  is  the  lightest  Retractable  Fall
                                Arrest Block in its Range. It comes in a NEW
                                SMART  and  STYLISH  design  with  different
                                Hook options for you to chose from.
                                Incorporated  with  robust  &  durable  casing,
                                this Mikron Block is extremely light in weight &
                                easy to carry. It is made up of finest material for
                                longevity and extended use.

                                    87.3      55.6
                                                         Mi ron Block Ref: MIC02
                                                          4Extremely  light  in  weight,  weighing  less  than  600  gms
                                                            (excluding Hook).
                              101.6                       4Has inbuilt textile Energy Absorber with protective cover on it.
                                                          4Material : Robust and durable polymer casing.
                                                          4Maximum length of Retractable Webbing - 2 mtrs.
                                                          4Attachment End : Comes with Aluminum Swivel Quarter Turn
                                                            Locking Hook PN 130 having impact indicator.
                                                          4Can be used Horizontally.
                                                          4Can also be used when Anchor Point is at the foot level.
                                                          4Minimum Breaking Strength : 15 kN.
                                                          4Conforms to : EN 360:2002, VG 11 # 11.060
                                                            It passes the test for  Fall Factor 2.
                                                           Unique Features:

                                                           4 Fall  distance  is  minimal  as  compared  to  EA  Lanyards
                                                            hence Retrieval of   fall victim is easier
                                                           4 Pocket sized
                                                           4 Can be easily carried and is user friendly

                                           Aluminum Swivel Quarter Turn Hook PN 130 (with Impact Indicator)

                                                                 Now use the Mi ron as a  Single / Twin lanyard

                                                                                  Available  with  Mono  SRL
                                                                                  Connector  Ref.  PN  170  and
                                                                                  Twin  Retractable  Block
                                                                                  Connector  Ref.  PN  169  to
                                                                     Ref. PN 169  attach 2 Mikron blocks directly
                                                                                  with  user's  Harness  at  the
                                                                                  dorsal part. This enables usage
                                                                                  like a single/twin lanyard. No
                                                                                  additional  connector  is
                                                                                  required.  Also,  it  reduces  the
                                                                                  length of swing during the fall
                   Also, available with Steel Scaffold Hook Ref. PN 131N when   Ref. PN 170  thereby preventing the impact
                     Mikron needs to be used as need to be a Single or Twin       of the Block on the user.
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