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       Tripod Ref. PN 800

       KARAM Tripod is one such product that can be used for easy access by a worker into confined spaces such as Man-holes, Tanks, etc. It
       provides a means of controlled ascent and descent, as well as protection from falls, should the depth of the space require it.

                                                        Tripod Head : Robust Aluminium Alloy cast head with
                                                        two integral pulleys for smooth operation of the Winch.

                                                        Aluminium  Eye  Bolts  :  Tested  to  sustain  a  force  of
                                                        more than 12 kN static force as per EN 795 CLASS B.

                                                        Telescopic  Legs  :  Fully  Adjustable  Aluminium
                                                        Telescopic Legs for use on level or uneven surfaces.

                                                        Sturdy Rubber Shoes : Sturdy Rubber Shoes provided
                                                        with High Abrasion Resistant Sole to increase friction
                                                        and impart more stability to the Tripod.

                              PN 800 (7ft.)
                                                            Ref. PN 800
                                                            4 For access in confined spaces
                                                            4 With  two  mounted  pulleys  at  the  head  of  the  Tripod  in  the
                                                               prolongation of the main leg for passing a cable
                                                            4 It  allows  making  configuration  with  one  winch  and  one  Self
                                                               Retractable block with hoisting Facility with PCGS 30R
                                                            4 Having two auxiliary eye bolts as attachment points.
                                                            4 Aluminum alloy cast head, legs in aluminium.
                                                            4 Steel support-shoes provided with rubber sole to increase friction
                                                               and impart more stability.
                                                            4 Strength of anchorage point greater than 12 kN
                                                            4 Every Tripod is provided with inbuilt fixture for attaching our winch
                                                               PN 801 (can be supplied without this fixture on special request).
                                                            4 Every Tripod is provided with Tripod Bag Ref. PN 904

                                                            Length          Specification         Compliance

                                                                   4 Fully  adjustable  telescopic  legs,
                                                                     adjustable height from 1.15m to 2.15m
                                                             7 ft.  4 Wheelbase (Footprint) : 1.5m Diameter
                                                                   4 Weight : 13 kg
                                                                   4 Maximum load capacity : 500 kg   EN 795:2012
                                                                                                    TYPE B
                                                                   4 Fully adjustable telescopic legs,  adjust-
                                                                     able height from 1.95m to 3.07m
                                                             10 ft.  4 Wheelbase (Footprint) : 1.8m Diameter
                             PN 800 (10ft.)
                                                                   4 Weight : 15 kg
                                                                   4 Maximum load capacity : 500kg

          Winch Ref. PN 801
          4 To be used for raising or lowering of personnel
            or material into confined spaces
          4 Equipped  with  Advanced  Dual  Load                                                   Tripod Bag
            Advantage (DLA) Gear System within to give                                             Ref. PN 904
            and effortless use of the Winch.
          4 Equipped with bolting fixture for robust fitting
            on to the tripod PN 800
          4 Lifting Load capacity : 135 Kgs.
          4 Length: 20.m & 25.m
          4 Conforms to EN 1496:2006 (Class A)
          4 To  be  used  with  a  Retractable  Fall  Arrester     Ref. No  Length
            when deployed for raising or lowering a person       PN 801 (20)  20m
          4 Can also be fitted to KARAM K-Pod PN 900
          4 Also available with the SS Wire Rope instead of      PN 801 (25)  25m
            GI.  Respective  references  with  SS  Wire  Rope
            shall be PN 801(20)SS & PN 801 (25)SS.
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