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            KARAM Cantilever K-Pod Ref. PN 900

             Features :

                          3 Point Adjustment

                          360° Swivel

                          Floor & Wall Mounting

                - POD

                                                                       KARAM Cantilever K-Pod
                                                                       Ref. PN 900
                                                                       4 KARAM introduces the new K-Pod which provides a
                                                                          safe  and  sure  system  for  easy  access  to  confined
                                                                          spaces.  The  K-Pod  is  an  ideal  choice  to  provide
                                                                          overhead  anchorage  which  can  be  mounted  on
                                    360° Rotation                         different  bases  and  it  conforms  to  EN  795  :  2012
                                                                          Type B
                                                                       4 The  K-Pod  is  made  of  highly  corrosion  resistant
                                                                          stainless steel, and can swivel a complete 360 degrees
                                                                          on its mounted base, hence providing a versatile reach
                                                                          and access.
                                                                       4 The  unique  feature  is  that  the  height  of  the
                                                                          Cantilever  arm  of  the  K-Pod  is  adjustable  at  3
                                                      Upper Setting
                                                                          defined  points,  with  upper  height  adjustment  of
                                                                          2.3m, middle arm adjustment of 1.9m, and lowered
                                                      Middle Setting
                                                                          arm adjustment at 1.5m. This enables the use of the
                                                                          K-Pod even in those areas where the roof height is
                                                       Lower Setting
                                                                       4 The K-Pod can be easily mounted on the floor as well as
                                                                          on  the  wall  through  special  floor  and  wall  mounting
                                                                2.3 m     brackets which are made available as per need. The K-
                                                             1.9 m        Pod can also be mounted on the floor of heavy vehicles,
                                                                          hence making it extremely versatile in use.
                                                           1.5 m       4 KARAM Winch PN 801 can also be easily mounted on to
                                                                          the K-Pod with the help of stainless steel fasteners.
                                                                           Setting   Distance from Bar  Height of Arm
                                            0.8 m
                                                                           Upper      0.8m         2.3m
                                              1.1 m
                                                                           Middle     1.1m         1.9m
                                              1.25 m
                                                                           Lower      1.25m        1.5m

                                              Accessories of KARAM K-Pod

                     Floor Mounting Bracket             Wall Mounting Bracket      Stainless Steel Fastners for Winch Mounting
                        Ref. PN 900(01)                   Ref. PN 900(02)                   Ref. PN 900(03)
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