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            Features of

                                                       Ref. PN 404           It  operates  in  accordance  with  the  principle  of
                                                                             winding-contact friction, which results from the
                                                                             rope  being  wound  around  it.  It  can  be  turned
                                                                             freely  in  the  anti-clockwise  direction,  while  it
            The device has a swivel-enabled ring
            at  its  anchorage  termination.  This                           locks  in  the  clock-wise  direction.  This  allows
            unique  feature  allows  it  to  easily                          unidirectional movement of the rope, allowing
            rotate about its axis, incase the rope                           effortless ascent and controlled descent.
            twists,  hence  prevents  unwanted
            spinning of the user.
                                                                                      It is made up of aluminium alloy and
                                                                                      stainless steel, and is highly corrosion
                                                                                      resistant. The smooth finish ensures
                                                                                      minimum  abrasion  of  the  rope  that
                                                                                      runs over it.

                                                                                      The rope retention guide prevents the
            Its  special  design  also  prevents  the                                 rope  from  twisting  or  overlapping,
            rope from slipping off the sides.                                         and also ensures that the rope is in
                                                                                      constant contact with the rope roller,
                                                                                      that  controls  the  friction  over  the

                                The anti reversing pulley counter-balances th e body weight
                                   of the user, thus requiring minimum effort to operate.

                                                                                          Call       Safety Expert
                                                                                              for further advise
                                                                                         Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085

                                                   Knotless design The Rope is terminated by stitching & not by a knot, hence
                                                   ensuring that the system is always intact, and no part gets disengaged.

                                                   The sling provided with the ascent handle- The ascent handle is provided
                                                   with a Holding Sling. The Karabiner is connected to the sternal D-Ring of the
                                                   use. In the event of accidental release of the handle, is still made accessible to
                                                   the user...

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