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                                            Various work applications like window cleaning, exterior facade maintenance, crack
                                            filling, bridge expansion e.t.c require the worker to be suspended from height.
           R     pe Access                 KARAM grip descender is a light weight easy to operate device that is used with a
                                           Suspension harness (PN 56, Magna3). For additional comfort an Easy Seat can be used
        Grip Descender                     with the Suspension harness.
                                          It is a manually operated controlled descent device, ideal for descent on a single rope.
        Ref. PN 401                       It is important to use appropriate fall arrest system along with the KARAM grip descender.
                                         This is also an ideal device which can be used by trained personnel in an emergency
                                         situation for Rescue, to lower a casualty from an elevated work station.

                                                                                  Functioning Principles

                                                                                                 A  Self-braking

                                                                                                 B  Descend

                                                                                                 C  Press-STOP

                                                                            KARAM grip descender for positioning
                                                                            along with back up fall arrest system

                                                                      Features :
                                                                      4 Works on a 10.5 mm Kernmantle Rope .
                                                                      4 Material of construction is Aluminium Alloy. It is
                                                                        extremely light in weight and highly corrosion
                                                                      4  Equipped with  a  unique  dual  self-braking
                                                                        system which initiates the brake as soon as
                                                                        the handle is released or clasped too tightly.
                                                                        (in panic situations)
                                                                      4 Conforms to EN 341-Class A.

                                       KARAM GRIP DESCENDER IS IDEAL FOR RESCUE
                                                    Ideal For Rescue

           (a) RESCUE EVACUATION - Descent Assisted by Rescuer  (b) RESCUE EVACUATION - From a Fixed Anchor-point

       RESCUE : Push the handle into the middle position to descend
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