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                                Figure of 8
                                Ref. PN 431
                                4 Made up of Aluminium alloy.
                                4 Inner dia Big-52mm, Small-26mm.
                                4 Length - 145mm.
                                4 Weight - 140gm.
                                4 Minimum Breaking Load- 50kN.
                                4 Finish  -  Natural  Silver,  Coloured,
                                                                                    Rescue Sling
                                                                                    Ref. PN 401 (A)
                                                                                    It is used to anchor a victim of fall to the Rescuer
                                                                                    during rescue. It is made of Polyamide Twisted
                                                                                    rope of length 0.5m having loops for attachment.

             KARAM Rope Clamp                       Haul Systems.
                                                     KARAM Rope Clamps can be used for progression on ropes and also for creating

                                                                             Connecting hole for creating a pulley/rope
                                                                             clamp combination or for guiding the rope

                                                                             Toothed Cam

                                                                             Molded Grip

                                                                             Connecting holes for foot loop and lanyards

                  Rope Clamp
                  Ref. PN 402 (R)
                     PN 402 (L)
                  4 Net Weight: 196gm.
                  4 For use on single rope 8 to 12mm Diameter Kernmental Rope.
                  4 Finish: Coloured, Anodized.
                  4 Conforms to EN 567:2013.

                  Features :
                  4 Made  up  of  Aluminium  Alloy  which  is  highly  corrosion
                     resistant and extremely light in weight( less than 200 gms)
                  4 Ideal for use on single Kernmantle rope of dia 8-12 mm
                  4 The unique design of the Cam allows optimal grip on the rope
                     without damaging it.                                                  Call      Safety Expert
                  4 The Moulded Grip on the handle is ergonomically designed to                for further advise
                     allow easy and effortless grip.                                     Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085
                  4 It is available as both right and left hand models.
                  4 Conforms to EN 567:2013
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