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                                      Hold the Harness by the back D-ring, and allow the straps to fall in their place. The Harness has
                                      clear  and  separate  colours  for  the  shoulder  and  thigh  straps,  for  them  to  be  easily
         Always inspect                distinguished.
                                        Inspect the Harness webbing for any cuts, burns or damages.
         the HARNESS
                                        Check the stitches for their continuity.
         before WEARING it               Carefully look for any evidence of corrosion on the metal parts.
                                          KARAM Harnesses also give an assurance that the Harness has not been subjected to a fall,
                                           if the unique Tell-Tale Indicator is still secure on the shoulder straps.

                          The Fall Indicator is a small label stitched to the
                          back side of the shoulder strap and it flies out of        Call      Safety Expert
                          the harness in the event of a fall, revealing a                for further advise
                          “DO NOT USE” sign.                                        Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085

                                                                       KARAM ADVANTAGE
                                                                       All KARAM Harnesses are
                          Attachment  Points on the Harness :          made of Dope-Dyed high
                                                                       tenacity  Polyester  Yarn,
                          The  labels  marked  as  ‘A’  denote  the  attachment
                          points on the harness. In certain areas the labels are   imparting  increased
                          marked ‘A/2’ meaning that two similar points held   resistance  to  UV  colour
                          together shall constitute a single attachment point.   degradation.

                         The Harness can be worn following these simple steps-

                    Step 1                    Step 2                       Step 3                     Step 4

                Step 5                        Step 6                      Step 7

                                               Step 8                      Step 9
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