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                 Seize’em             TM    KARAM  introduces    Seize’em  Rescue  Kit  specifically  designed  for  Rescuing  a  suspended
                                            casualty from Fall Arrest Lanyards, Rope Safety Lines & Fall Arrest  Blocks, all possible from a
                                             point of safety.
                                             The  Kit  comes  complete  with  a  Full  Body  Harness  (PN  56),  Steel  Karabiner  (PN  113),
                   Rescue Kit                 Kernmantle Rope (PN 950K), Alluminium Double Pulley (AP 013), Rope Clamp (PN 402),
                    by                        Anchorage Webbing Sling (PN 803) & a Sturdy Bag (BG 20) with Sling for easy carrying.
                                               The Kit is provided with a 3m with Telescopic Pole for extension to the fall victim, and
                    Ref. PN 661                hence does not require the rescuer to descend to the victim.

                                                                                                      Telescopic Pole
                                                                                                       Ref. PN 820

                                               Seize’em Rescue Kit Ref. PN 661           Aluminium Rebar
                                                                                                                Length 3.0 m
                                                                                          Hook Ref. PN 136

                Full Body harness      Aluminium Double Pulley     Kernmantle Rope
                Ref. PN 56 (1 No.)     Double Side Attachment    Ref. PN 950K (50 mtrs.)
                                         Ref. AP 013 (2 No.)

                                                               Universal Kit Bag
                                                                   Ref. BG 20
                                      Rope Clamp (Right or Left)
                                           Ref. PN 402

               Anchorage Webbing Sling
                  Ref. PN 803 (1 No.)
                                       Steel Quarter Turn-locking
                                          Ref. PN 113 (4 No.)

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