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       KARAM range of Safety Helmet comes with plethora of features that not only offer the protection intended, but also with the
       comfort and design that ensures usage for long working hours.

                                                                                BALANCED & STABLE
                                                                                 With a secure head harness and a low
                                                                                   profile  designs;  KARAM  Helmets
       PERFORMANCE & PROTECTION                                                     deliver  maximum  stability  and
       Prepared  for  real  life  harsh  industrial                                   perfect balance.
       conditions,  KARAM  Safety  Helmets
       Minimizes and effectively disperse the
       impact forces.
                                                  ALL DAY COMFORT
                                                  Equipped with all the features of light-
                                                  weight, rigid nature, and comfortable in
                                                  wearing, KARAM Safety Helmets can be
                                                  worn continuously for long durations.
       EXTENSIVE PPE CONNECTIVITY                                                        BUILT TO LAST
       Quickly adaptable in field to changing                                            Manufactured from virgin
       industrial  hazards,  KARAM  Safety                                                premium  grade,  UV
       Helmets  are  designed  seamlessly                                                  stabilized Polymers with
       protects  users  in  combination  with                                              no  regrind;  KARAM
       eye, face and Hearing Protection.                                                    Safety  Helmets  are
                                                                                            built  to  withstand  the
                                                                                            toughest  of  environ-

                                                                             TESTED AND CERTIFIED
                                                                             KARAM  Safety  Helmets  are  tested  and

               KARAM Safety Helmets can be fitted with a variety of additional Personal Protective Equipment such as:

            Helmet Mountable Ear Defenders           Welding Screens                   Steel Mesh Visior

               The Helmet inner Harness is available in option of webbing and polymer as per customer need.

                    Call       Safety Expert
                        for further advise
                  Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085
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