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                                                Shelblast by

                                                           STURDY   STYLISH DESIGN &                      for

                                                        EXCELLENT HEAD PROTECTION!

                                                             This HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT provides
                                                               protection against impact, while giving
                                                            special attention at the design that ensures
                                                              maximum Visibility and wearer Comfort.

                                                                     Conforms to EN 397:2012

                                             With RATCHET TYPE
                                          ADJUSTMENT Ref. PN 542
                                                                              The             Shelblast

                                                                                       with FEATURES

                                                                        LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!
                                                                        LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!

             Made  of  Polypropylene
             Co Polymer                                                                       Comes with a Ventilated
                                                                                              Slots   which  can  be
                                                                                              opened/ closed with the
                                                                                              help  of  a  shutter  to
             Reinforced Ribs profile for                                                      prevent  any  rain  water
             better impact resistance                                                         seepage.

                                                                                              Provided with side slots for
                                                                                              fitting  face  and  hearing
             Protective Peak                                                                  accessories

                                                                                                   Unique Rain
                                                                                               Management System
                                                                                               which effectively manages
                                                                                              the rain to reduce the flow
                                                                                              of water down the neck.

                                                                                              Extended  Nape  for  extra
                                                                                              impact  protection  to  the
                                                                                              user’s neck.
             Has increased vertical clearance,                        with protective ‘PEAK’,
             along  with  the  crown-cooling
             vents for increased airflow. Ideal                      for use in GENERAL INDUSTRY
             for hot working atmosphere.                           Ref. PN 541
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