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                                                        KARAM offers the Shelblast in a new
                                                   ‘Peak-less’ Design

                                                   Equipped with all the features of the Shelblast, this
                                                   Peak-less Helmet is ideal for Head Protection during
                                                          climbing up or down a Tower/ Ladder.
                                  Ref. PN 545

                                  Also Available with Ratchet Type Adjustment; Ref. PN 546

                                                       Additional Features offered by KARAM Shelblast

               è    Replaceable  Chin  Strap  –
                   Easily  detachable  Clamps
                  enables easy replacement of
                Chin Strap.

                                                    Step - 1         Step - 2           Step - 3

       è Sweat  Band  of  KARAM  Shelblast  Helmet  is  made  of
           material which is highly Sweat absorbent, cushioned,
           dermatologically tested, anti – allergic, skin – friendly
           and anti – skin – irritant. It is also easily replaceable.

        KARAM SHELBLAST is offered in the following variants. You may choose the Shelblast with
                           Head-band adjustment and  chin-strap as per your need.

                           Slider type                   Ratchet type

         Shelblast Chin Strap is provided in two variants:-

                               Provided with Chin cup                               Chin  Strap  with  adju-
                              for additional comfort                               stable Slider Buckle.
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