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                                               KARAM 'Sheltek' range of Helmets, an evolutionary engineered product which has been
                                               specially designed with superior features and high impact resistance.
                                               CE certified and conforms to EN 397:2012, ISI and DGMS
                                                All Sheltek are provided with 4 corrugations on outer shell which gives increased impact
                                                resistant quality.

             The Sheltek provides the finest levels of comfort to the user and comes with the following features :

             4 Unique 6-point cradle for reduction of point impact  4 Has  increased  vertical  clearance  for  optimum  Shock
             4 Special  grade  made  of  Linear  low-density
               polyethylene,  Low-density  polyethylene  that      4 Nape-type adjustment for better and easy fit.
               conforms to EN 340:2003                             4 Also conforms to ISI , DGMS & CE
             4 Comes with a manual type adjustment to allow easy   4 Equipped with removable Chin Strap.

             Ref. PN 561                                                                           0120

             Made of High Polypropylene
             Co Polymer

             Quadro Corrugation for
             enhanced strength                                                      Provided  with  Side  Slots  for  fitting
                                                                                    face and hearing accessories

                                                                                    Extended  Nape  for  extra  impact
                                                                                    protection to the user’s neck.
              The Helmet inner Harness
                is available in options
               of webbing and polymer
                as per customer need.

                                                                                    Manual type adjustment to suit most
                                                                                    head sizes

                                                                                    Adjustable  Chin-Strap  for  universal

                6-Point Cradle   Adjustable Nape-Band

             Features of the unique Head-Band and Foam
             4 Allows good absorption of sweat.
             4 Maintains a neutral pH, hence does not cause skin
             4 Does not stain the skin through any release of colour.
             4 Is safe and not known to cause any harmful effects to   Ref. PN 581
               the skin.
                                                          WITH RATCHET TYPE ADJUSTMENT
                                                          4 Ratchet  type  adjustment  for  Comfort  &
                                                             Better Grip.
                                                          4 Made of Linear low-density polyethylene,
                         Call       Safety Expert            Low-density polyethylene
                             for further advise           4 Equipped with removal Chin Strap.
                        Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085      4 Provided  with  side  slots  for  fitting  face  and  hearing
                                                             protection accessories.

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