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                                  KARAM  introduces  'Shelmet'  range  of  Helmets,  specially  designed  to  meet  the  demanding
                                  requirements of both construction and industrial needs with both safety and comfort in mind.
       Shelmet                    All Shelmet are provided with Triple Corrugations on outer shell which gives increased impact
                                   resistant quality.
                                   Conforms to ISI & DGMS standards which can be used in the toughest of conditions to provide the
                                    highest level of safety.

       Ref. PN 501

       Made of specially formulated Polymer

       Triple Corrugation for                                                 Comes with      The Head band is
       enhanced strength.                                                  Manual Adjustment   made of non-irritant
                                                                            to suit most head   and soft fabric to
                                                                                 sizes.       provide maximum
                                                                                             comfort to the user.

                                                                           Provided with Side Slots for fitting face
                                                                           and hearing protection accessories.

                                                                                  Adjustable Chin Strap

       The four point attachment Cradle
       within  the  shell  has  a  unique
       angular  placement  to  provide
       optimum shock absorption.

      Ref. PN 521

       KARAM Shelmet with Ratchet-Type Adjustment
       The Ratchet adjustment can be set to the correct head size by
       pushing the hand-wheel in and turning it. The adjustment
       position is locked when the hand-wheel is released.
       Conforms to IS 2925:1984

        The KARAM Helmets- Shelblast, Sheltek and Shelmet are provided in a vast range of colours which are stabilized against ultra violet degradation
        through appropriate UV stabilizers. KARAM also provides a unique Auto-Glow Model which has a distinctive property of Photo-Luminiscence and
        hence glows even in the dark.

        Red-200     FL. Green  HYD Green  FL. Orange  Star Blue Lamination Blue

                                  Super White  Lemon Yellow  Mint Green  Chrome Orange  Apex Grey  UT Violet

                           The Helmet inner Harness is available in options of webbing and polymer as per customer need.
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