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Face Shields

               KARAM                     This Welding Helmet is extremely light in weight, providing comfort as well as protection
                                         during welding operations.
                                         It  has  a  Flip  Front  Window  which  makes  it  easy  for  normal  viewing  even  when  the
        Welding Shields                   operations are not on and is provided with a protective lens made of clear High Impact
                                          Resistant Polycarbonate.
                                           Conforms to EN 175 F CC and EN 175:1997

       Welding Helmet
       Ref. ES 61

                                                                                      Liftable Welding Lens to allow
       Headgear-  made  of                                                            clear  view,  while  restricting
       High strength Nylon                                                            harmful dust particles.

       Ratchet Adjustment

       Size of Window : 100cm x 75cm
                                                                                       Protective Lens made of
                                                                                       Clear high impact Resistant
                                                                                       Conforming to EN 166 and
       Polypropylene Impact Resistant Shell                                            ANSI Z 87.1

                                                                                       Conforming to EN 175F

       The features include a Polypropylene Impact Resistant Shell with a high   The IR lens is provided extra as per choice:
       strength nylon Ratchet headgear.                             4 ES 04/5: is an IR 5 lens
       The Welding Shield is CE marked.
                                                                    4 ES 04/11: is an IR 11 lens
                                                                    4Accessaries - ES61(01) Inner Harness

                                                                     The Head band of the Harness has 4
                                                                     adjustment positions for adjustment
                                                                     of the stop angle of the Shield.

       The  height  of  the  shell  is                                                     The Ratchet adjustment at
       also  made  adjustable  by                                                          the  nape  allows  easy
       means  of  an  adjustment                                                           adjustment of the Harness.
       provided  on  the  Harness
       above the head.

                                                FEATURES OF THE
       It  has  a  horizontal  adjustment         HEAD FITTING                        The Head band is provided with an
       feature  to  provide  the  user  the     HARNESS OF ES 61                      Anti-Sweat  comfort  pad  for
       comfort to move the shell closer or                                            increased comfort.
       further from the face.
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