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Face Shields

                            Helmet Mountable Welding Shield

             Ref. ES 71

                       Adjustment positions

                                                                                          Liftable Welding Lens to allow
                                                                                          clear  view,  while  restricting
                                                                                          harmful dust particles.

                                                                                        Size of Window : 100mm x 75mm

                                                                                    Protective  Lens  made  of  Clear  high
                                                                                    impact Resistant Polycarbonate.
             Conforming to EN 175 & ANSI Z 87.1                                     Conforming to EN 166 and ANSI Z 87.1


            4 When fitted, it will protect the wearer's face due to the special wrap-
               around design.
            4 It fits most standard Safety Helmets which have a 30 mm slot & are best
               used with KARAM Helmets.
            4 Easy to use in a variety of work situations
            4 This Welding Shield is certified to be used only in conjunction with a
               Safety Helmet, and should not be used independently.
            4 IR 5 or IR 11 Lens can be inserted between two protective lens made of
               clear high impact resistant Polycarbonate, conforming to EN 166 and
               ANSI Z87.1
            4 Conforms to EN 175 and ANSI Z 87.1

                                                                               Can be fitted on KARAM Helmets, Shelmet,
                         Call       Safety Expert                                       Sheltek & Shelblast
                             for further advise
                        Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085

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