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Face Shields

                                 KARAM Visors can be mounted onto the KARAM Safety Helmets (Shelmet, Sheltek, Shelblast) to allow
       Face Shields               attachment of a range of Face shields. The high quality product provides protection against impacts
                                  from the front and side.

                      Holding Bracket                                            Adapter-Clamps
                         ES 51(01)

                                                                         Visor ES 51 (02)
                                                                         Size: 8 inches x 15.5 inches
                                                                         Thickness: 1.0 mm
                                                                         Ergonomics: Changeable and Replaceable
                                                                         Weight:  122 gm.
                                                                         Conformity: EN 166

         Features and Benefits of                                                              Adapter-Clamps
         Face Shield

       4 A wide range of visors and Face
         Shield  available  for  many
         Forestry  and  Industrial  appli-
         cations.                                                                      Adjustment positions
       4 Offers a wide field of view.  Bracket Holder
       4 Designed  to  attach  to  KARAM
         wide range of Helmets, Earmuffs
         with Helmet Adapter.
                                                                                                 Holding Knobs
                                   Steel Mesh Visor
                                      ES 51 (03)                                        Stainless steel mesh fused
                                                                                           with Poly Ethylene
                                                                                           Terephthalate edge

       KARAM Face Shields

                                             The KARAM Face Shield is economical and suitable for the following industries
                                             Ref. ES 51 (01)                     4 Electric welding
                                             4 Metal cutting operation           4 Iron and steel industry, etc.
                                             4 Spray painting                    Ref. ES 51 (02)
                                             4 Carpentering
                                                                                 4 Flying Woodchips
                                             4 Petroleum industry
                                                                                 4 Grinding
                                             4 Chemical industry                 4 Furnaces
                                             4 Grinding                          4 Grass Trimming
                                             4 Processing
       The special Adaptor provided offers easy mounting of the Face Shield assembly over the KARAM Shelmet, hence offering maximum protection.

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