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         Gas Welder's Choice                                    Conforms to EN 166:2002

         Ref. ES 003
         4 Containing all the inherent design, sporty and comfort features                Ref. ES 003 (IR-5)
            of the ES 003 has an additional protective quality to offer. It is
            fitted with a special IR-5 lens, making it an ideal choice for
            protection to the eyes during gas welding operations.
         Area of Use
         4 Areas involving gas welding operations
         4 Areas where there is molten metal; furnaces, etc.
         Available Lens Option
         4 Single  lens  option  using IR -5  lens

        Lens Features                                         Special Features

         4 Optical class-1,IR -5 lens                         4 Temple grips equipped with soft cushioning pads, making it more
                                                                 comfortable for all day use.
         4 Hard-coated  lens  for  Scratch-Resistance
                                                              4 Adjustable  temple  length  to  customize  fit  on  the  user's  head.
         4 Polycarbonate  lens  integrating  the  side-shields  for  perfect   Length adjustable within a range of 13mm.
                                                              4 Temple/ Side Arms capable of tilting within a wide angle range
         4 Lens  material : Polycarbonate
                                                                 (upto 60 degree) there by adjusting to provide the best possible fit.
         4 Lens scale number : 4 -5
                                                              4 Resistance to corrosion
                                                              4 Universal Nose bridge
                                                              4 Pivoting Navy Blue Nylon frame

         Electric- Arc Welder's Choice               Conforms to EN 166:2002, EN 175:1997
                                                                       & ANZI Z 87.1-2010

         Ref. ES 004                          Internal
         4 Equipped with a special IR-11 lens and a broad, soft PVC body which
            provides the wearer a wider protective sealing area, the ES 004 is an                Ref. ES 004
            ideal choice for a variety of electric arc welders.
         Area of Use
         4 Best suited for electric arc welding, MIG, TIG and other electrical welding

         Lens Features

         4 IR-11 lens
         4 Lens material Polycarbonate
         4 Hard-coated for Scratch-Resistence
         4 High Impact Resistant
         4 Comes with Lens Replaceable feature

         Special Features

         4 It has a wide soft PVC body which provides the wearer excellent comfort.
         4 It is provided with a flip-up lens window to enable clear vision during
            those times while welding operation is not in progress.
         4 It  is  provided  with  Six  Indirect  Ventilation  Caps  two  on  top,  two  in
            bottom and one each in sides.
         4 It has a fully adjustable elastic head- band for a snug fit.
         4 High impact resistant
         4 Comes with Lens Replaceable feature.
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