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         Indoor/Outdoor User's Choice                              Conforms to EN 166:2002

         Ref. ES 006
         4 Designed for both Indoor as well as Outdoor usage, and fitted with             Ref. ES 006
            light mirror coated lens, the ES 006 is an ultimate symbol of fashion         (Indoor/Outdoor)
            and styling, coupled with complete eye safety.

         Area of Use
         4 Used in areas where the light conditions change from normal to bright.
         Available Lens Option
         4 Light mirror coated lens, also known as the Indoor/Outdoor  lens
         4 Also  available in  clear lens

         Lens Features

         4 Optical Class 1
         4 Hard-coated lens for Scratch  Resistance
         4 Lens  Scale  Number: 2- 1.2 (clear)
                                                                                      Ref. ES 006 (Clear)
         4 Lens  Scale  Number: 5- 1.7 (Indoor/Outdoor)
         4 Material : Polycarbonate

         Special Features

         4 Combines safety with a fashionable look, enhancing user  compliance
         4 Adjustable temple length to customize the fit on the user's head.
            Length adjustable within  a range of 14mm.
         4 Equipped  with  specially  designed  flexible  soft  nose-pad  to
            provide extra comfort.

         Prescription-Glasses Wearer's Choice                    Conforms to EN 166:2002
                                                                & ANSI Z 87.1-2010

         Ref. ES 007
                                                                                         Ref. ES 007 (Clear)
         4 To provide safety to those who cannot directly put on a safety eye
            wear, as they have to wear prescription spectacles, the ES 007
            easily fits over the prescription frames.
         Area of Use
         4 Construction sites; areas where sand and large dust particles are
           blowing at high speed.
         4 Metal processing  shops
         Available Lens Option
         4 Clear
         4 Clear Anti-fog

         Lens Features                                        Special Features

         4 Optical  Class  1                                  4 It can easily fit over most prescription spectacles
         4 Hard coated lens for Scratch Resistance            4 Comes with adjustable temples for better fitting to the wearer
         4 Lens  material- 100%  Polycarbonate
         4 Lens  Scale  Number: 3- 1.2 (clear)
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