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              KARAM also provides spectacles accessories on request.

                                                                                        Ref. ESA 01
               The Spectacle Belt-Carrying Case
               Ref. ESA 01
               4 Has a band at the rear which can be easily looped over the trouser-
                 belt of the wearer. This enables the wearer to keep his Spectacles
                 safe and handy at all times when not in use.
               4 The  inner  lining  of  the  case  is  soft  and  hence  prevents  any
                 scratches to be formed on the lens of the Spectacle.

               The Case is also provided with
              a soft cotton Lens-Wipe,
              available in different colours

                                                                                       Ref. ESA 02

               The Black Spectacle Neck-String
               Ref. ESA 02
               4 Can be easily fitted to the temple-arms of the KARAM Spectacles
                 and worn around the neck.

                 Over Prescription         Side arm length         No Image Distortion       Infra-Red Protection
                     Glasses              multiple positions

              High Impact Protection    Head Band Adjustable        Chemical Splash         Ultra-Violet Protection

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