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                                                                    Disposable Foam Ear Plugs
                                                                    Ref. EP 01 and EP 02
                                                                    NRR 32 dB
                                                                    SNR 37 dB
                                                                    The very soft foam provides comfortable and close fitting seal
                                                                    against harmful noise.
         EP 01 (Uncorded)                                           4 One size fits all Ear Canals.
                                                                    4 Made up of Non- Irritant and Allergy-free material.
                                                                    4 Uncorded in bright orange colour.
                                              EP 02 (Corded)        4 Easy  to  insert  correctly  due  to  their  tapered  shape  and
                                                                       moderate slow expansion rate.
                                                                    4 Corded in Fluorescent Orange colour.
                                                                    4 Also available in nylon & cotton cord.
                                                                    4 Complies EN 352-2:2002

                                                                             RIGHT WAY TO WEAR EAR PLUG

                                                                    Reusable Ear Plugs
                                                                    Ref. EP 03 and EP 04
                                                                    NRR 21 dB
                                                                    SNR 31 dB
                                                                    Suitable  for  protection  against  long  term  exposure  to
                                                                    medium noise levels
         EP 03 (Uncorded)
                                                                    4 Washable and reusable.
                                                                    4 One size fits all Ear Canals.
                                                                    4 Special flange design for maximum comfort.
                                                                    4 Draped around the neck, the cotton corded ear plug rests
                                                                       secured with the user.
                                                                    4 Complies EN 352-2:2002, ANSI Z 3.19 & ANSI Z 12.6

                                           EP 04 (Corded)

                                                                    Banded Replacable Foam Ear Plugs
                                                                    Ref. EP 05 and EP 06
                                                                    NRR 22 dB
                                                                    SNR 31 dB
                                                                    The EP 05 provided with hinged headband design allows to
                                                                    be worn in a various position; soft foam plug fits ear canal
         EP 06 (Accessories)                                        comfortably and provides excellent hearing protection.
                                                                    4  The band EP 05 is reusable and can be worn under the
                                                                       chin or behind neck with the special shaped Foam Ear
                                                                       Plugs EP 06.
                                                                    4  Band  prevents  Ear  Plugs  from  touching  dirty  and
                                                                       contaminated surfaces.
                                                                    4  Plugs are available separately and are replaceable.
                                                                    4  One size fits all Ear Canals
                                                                    4  Complies to EN 352-2:2002
                                           EP 05 (Band)
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