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                                                                     KARAM  offers  a  range  of  REVOLTA
                                                                     Harnesses  and  Lanyards  to  suit  various
                                                                     applications,  right  from  Climbing,  Work
                                                                     Positioning, Rope Access and Rescue.
                                                                     KARAM also offers ANSI Certified REVOLTA
                                                                     Forked Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyards

                                                   Revolta All Purpose Harness
                                                   Ref.  PN 56 (OR)
                                                   4 Attachment Elements- 1 Dorsal and 1 Sternal D-Ring for Fall Arrest. 1
                                                     Ventral D-Ring at waist level for Rope Access work and 2 Lateral D-
                                                     Rings for Work Positioning.
                                                   4 Adaptability-  Adjustable  shoulder,  thigh-straps  and  waist  belt  for
                                                     extended comfort.
                                                   4 Removable X-Back Pad for Shoulder Straps provides extreme comfort.
                                                   4 Conforms to EN 361:2002, EN 358:1999 & EN 813:2008.

                                               Revolta Positioning Harness
                                               Ref.  PN 44 (OR)
                                               4 Attachment Elements- One chest attachment
                                                  D-ring  and  a  Dorsal  attachment  D-ring  for
                                                  Fall Arrest. Two lateral attachment D-rings
                                                  for work positioning.
                                               4 Adaptability- Adjustable shoulder and thigh-
                                               4 Soft  Padded  Work  positioning  belt  gives
                                                  extreme working comfort and safety.
                                               4 Conforms to EN 361:2002 & EN 358:1999.

                                               Revolta Climbers Harness
                                               Ref.  PN 24 (OR)
                                               4 Attachment Elements- 1 Chest attachment D- Ring
                                                  and a Dorsal attachment D-Ring for Fall Arrest.
                                               4 Adaptability- Adjustable shoulder and thigh-straps.
                                               4 Conforms to EN 361:2002.

                                                                                         Call      Safety Expert
                                                                                             for further advise
                                                                                        Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085

                                                                         Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Belt  Ventral
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