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Know your

                                                Safety Shoe

            THERMOPLASTIC STIFFENER                                                          l  j  d  k  j
            For excellent shape to the heel                                                k  j  r   GOVT. OF INDIA
                                                                                           H  k
                                                                                               [kk- lq-e-fu-

                                                                                       Perfect Knot with Strong Laces

            UPPER                                                                                    VAMP
                                                                                                     Made of Grain
            NON-METALLIC                                                                             Leather
            with Extra Durability

            MID SOLE
            For extra Shock Absorption

                                            ROBUST OUT SOLE
                                            For maximum durability
                                                                                 REINFORCED TOE
                                                                                 for maximum Safety
                                                                                 (tested to withstand more than 200J)

            The  portfolio  of  KARAM  Safety  Footwear  encompasses  a  wide  range  of
            products that are manufactured and certified to the highest standards of
            EN, IS and DGMS.
            The manufacturing process in KARAM Footwear Production involves highly
            controlled Injection moulding, robotic processes, automatic stitching
            lines, conveyerized assembly lines, etc. The outcome is a product that has
            passed  through  strict  quality  parameters  all  across  its  manufacturing
            process till its final stage of packaging.
            A dedicated Designing Team and a highly equipped Laboratory enables
            KARAM  to  evolve  and  innovate  to  fulfill  the  safety  requirements  of  its
            esteemed customers, to suite their needs in toughest of the work conditions.
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