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             TOE PROTECTION in KARAM Safety Footwear

             KARAM Safety Footwear are provided with Toe-caps that are tested and certified as per EN 12568:2010
                    }                    20 kg }
                  2 kg



                      200 Joules              200 Joules                              Wide Design

             They are tested to withstand an impact load of            The Toe caps have a wide design so as to suit
                 200J, and a Compression load of 15 kN.                  feet of broad sizes as well, hence provide
                                                                             maximum comfort at all levels.

                      KARAM offers different models of Shoes incorporated with STEEL TOE or with COMPOSITE TOE
                   KARAM Steel-Toe                                   KARAM Composite-Toe

                     The  Steel  Toe  caps  used  in  KARAM  Shoes  are   KARAM Shoe models come incorporated with the
                     manufactured from Carbon Steel.                   special  Composite  toe,  which  is  made  of  high
                                                                       strength Polymer.
                     Have  a  surface  finish  to  make  them  highly
                     corrosion resistant.                              Extremely light in weight.
                                                                       Tested and certified as per EN12568:2010
                     Tested and certified as per EN12568:2010

             KARAM Shoes come with ANTI-BACTERIAL PROPERTY
             Bacteria present in our feet cause odour and harmful skin infection.
              KARAM applies “Anti-Bacterial Screening” and “Anti-Bacterial Spray” on all Finished Goods before

                             packing, to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in the Safety Shoes.

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