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       MID-SOLE PROTECTION in KARAM Safety Footwear

       The KARAM Steel Mid-Plate is constructed of Carbon Steel, having high strength , and
       is tested for Penetration Test of 1100 N, as per EN 12568:2010.
       It is also highly corrosion resistant.
       KARAM Steel Mid-Plate ensures that a worker can work uninhibited on hazardous
       sites without worrying about any sharp objects, which may pierce through the shoe
       from under, and harm his foot.
       All models of KARAM Safety Footwear can be equipped with a Steel Mid-Plate, to
       enhance the protection level of the Safety Shoe to S1 P category.

                                                                                            Steel Mid-Plate

              Introducing for the first time in India by KARAM, the unique
                                         “NAIL-GUARD”          In-Sole:

                                                      Features of the New NAIL-GUARD In-Sole- by KARAM
                                                      4 Light weight
                                                      4 Non-Mettallic
                                                      4 Extreme  level  of  flexibility  -  allowing  the  foot  to  flex  up  to
                                                        90 degrees
                                                      4 High Anti-Peneration Property
                                                      4 Tested for Penetration Test of 1100 N, conforms to EN 12568:2010.

                                                       All  KARAM  Safety  Shoe  models  can  be  provided  with  the
                                                       “NAIL-GUARD” In-sole for S1 P protection, on request.


       All KARAM Shoes are also provided with a unique Batch number for each batch being
       manufactured, ensuring 100% traceability.                                            j  d  j k
                                                                                          r j   l   GOVT. OF INDIA
                                                                                         H  k  k
                                                                                              [kk- lq-e-fu-

                                                                                     Call       Safety Expert
                                                                                         for further advise
                                                                                    Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085
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