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               KARAM Safety Footwear–equipped with

               Charges build up in the body while we work through the
               day, as a result of various non-conductive materials that
               rub against us and each other.

               If we wish to avoid static charges, we must ensure that
               the charges should not be allowed to build up in the
               body, and should be continuously dissipated into the
               ground (commonly termed as “earthing”).                     +
               KARAM Anti–static shoe provides an easy access of this   +   + +                  _  _ _
               charge to flow from the body into the Earth.           +  +   +                   _ _
               The sole of this shoe is made in such a way that an easy
               channel is provided to dissipate these static charges to   Large pockets
               the ground.                                            of charge can
                                                                      cause sparking
               KARAM  Safety  Shoe  is  tested  for  Anti-Static
               property  for  its  Electrical  Resistance  to  between
               100  kilo  ohms  and  1000  mega  ohms,  as  per  EN
               20345:2011.                                                          No Earthing

               What is ESD (Electro Static Discharge property)?

               A Safety Shoe is termed to have an ESD property when it is                          Smaller residual
               able  to  dissipate  even  smaller  pockets  of  charges,  and                     pockets of charge
               electrical resistance from 100 kilo ohms to 35 mega ohms.                              may remain





                                                                     Earthing takes place due to Anti-Static property
                                                                     of Shoe & hence charges not allowed to build up.
                   ESD Shoe

                        Rapid dissipation of charge due to improved
                       conductivity takes place. Virtually No residual
                     pockets of charge remain when using a Shoe having
                                   ESD property.

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