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                           HOW TO USE FOOTWEAR OPTIMALLY
                           Make sure that the footwear matches the hazard category required, according
                           to type and workplace. For this purpose, reference is made to the relevant
                           European standards and any additional specifications.

             EUROPEAN NORMS (EN)
             EN ISO 20345 : 2011

             The safety footwear that is expected to comply with the norm is marked with the letter “S” (Safety) followed by the letter “B” (Basic) or
             numbers showing the category it belongs to.

             Category SB (Basic Safety) involves the following requirements:
                                                                  Additional Requirements  EN 345  SB  S1  S2  S3
             Steel Toe, 200 Joules                                 and safety standards
                                                                 Antistatic footwear
             SB- Basic Characteristics                                                        _
                                                                 Energy absorption in the heel region
             S1- Has SB characteristics supplemented with the following:                      _
                                                                 Resistance to hydrocarbons
               4 Antistatic footwear(A)                                                       _     _
               4 Energy absorption in the heel region(E)         Water resistant upper (for at least 1h)
               4 Closed heel area                                Penetration resistance (Steel midsole)  _  _  _
                                                                                              _     _    _    _
             S2- Has S1 characteristics supplemented with the following:  Cold insulation
               4 Water resistant upper (WRU), no penetration of water for   Heat resistance of outer sole  _  _  _  _
                  atleast 1 hour                                 (at 150  C for 1 min.)
                                                                                              _     _    _    _
             S3- Has S2 characteristics supplemented with the following:  Conductive footwear
               4 Anti penetration midsole(P)
               4 Cleated Outsole

             KARAM Safety Footwear - GRIPP Series Conforms to ISI & CE Standards & provide SB, S1, S1P, S2, S3 Category of Foot Safety.
             EN ISO 20345:2011, IS 15298 (Part 2) : 2011
             KARAM Safety Footwear Comply to the Classes : SB, S1, S1P, S3, SRC

                                         SYMBOLS USED IN SHOE SAFETY

                  100%          Slip-Resistant   Antistatic Shoe  Summer Shoe      Anti-bacterial    Oil & Fuel
               Grain Leather    Tread Pattern                                        Property       Resistant Sole

               Toe Protection    Penetration    Shock Absorbant  Ankle Protection  Anti-Fatigue        ESD
                                  Protection        Heel

                               Heat Resistance  Warm Insulation  Cold Insulation  Water-Resistant

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