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             Steel Toe Impact Test               Robotic Operations

                                                      KARAM shoe manufacturing processes also involve Robotic Machinery that
                                                       enables high level of accuracy to maintain quality and production.

         l  j  d  k  j
       j  k  r   GOVT. OF INDIA                          Penetration Resistance Test for Mid-sole
      H  k                                                                              The  Shoe  is  provided  with  a  Steel
            [kk- lq-e-fu-                                                               Mid Sole to protect the foot from any
                     The Shoe is provided with a Steel Toe                              sharp objects penetrating Shoe Sole.
              DGMS   Cap  to  protect  the  foot  from  falling                          According  to  Indian  and  European
                                                                                         Standard, Nail should not penetrate at
                     objects. This test is carried out to ensure
                     that there is enough Safety Clearance (as
                                                                                         1100 N.
                      per  a  specified  value  in  the  Norms)
                      below the Toe Cap after an impact of 200


         Automated Injection Moulding of the sole

                                                              Sole Flexing Test

                                                                  KARAM  also  performs  a  series  of  Sole  Flex
        KARAM Safety Shoe passes through an automated lasting line, and   Testing, subjecting the Sole to a constant cycle of   180
                                                                   30,000 flexes. This Test ensures that the Sole of
         Automated Injection Moulding Plant (Desma Machine) and through a
                                                                   the shoe does not break while being subjected to
         series of operations on a well defined conveyer...
                                                                   normal foot flexing and movement.
         Finally emerging as the finest quality Footwear for Safety in the Industry.
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