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                                                                                 SHOE RANGE
                                                                                SHOE RANGE

                           Premium Range of Safety Shoes come

         with the highest level of Ergonomics, combined

         with Robust Looks & Highest Level of Foot Protection.

         This range of Safety Shoes come with the following unique features:
         A)  Molded In-sock for highest level of comfort: The premium range of KARAM             Moulded
            Safety Shoes are provided with molded In-sock heel cup which work to support         In-sock
            and protect the feet. The special molded heel helps in providing comfort and
            prevents fatigue during long hours of working.
         B)  Breathable Drylex lining in KARAM premium shoe range: This is a special
            Drylex  breathable  lining,  3-D  fabric.  It  prevents  moisture  and  perspiration,
            providing high sweat absorption property for a dry feel, and hence adds to the
            comfort of the wearer.
         C) Out sole double density PU/TPU: This range of KARAM safety shoes comes with double density “Sole” for
            extreme comfort and high abrasion resistance.
         D) Wider cushioned Top line: For extended comfort.
         E) Anti-Fatigue: Anti-Fatigue insoles relieve discomfort from prolonged standing, stressed feet, legs and back.

       Ref. FS 61
       Executive Safety Shoe equipped with all the features of comfort, robust
       looks and highest level of safety.
       Distinguished Features
       4 Metallic hexagonal eyelets.
       4 Round Brown laces.
       4 Brown Leather upper and Beige lining.
       General Features
       Upper      : Made from Buff Brown Grain leather.
       Quarter Lining : Has a special Breathable Drylex lining,3D fabric. It prevents moisture
                   and perspiration, providing high sweat absorption property for a dry
                   feel. It is also highly resistant to abrasion.
       Vamp Lining   : Comfortable, Breathable soft fleece lining provides soft feel to the toe area.
       Insock     : Extra cushioned soft moulded In-sock for better arch support and an
                   extended comfort.
       Sole Features
       4 Double density PU/PU sole for high durability and flexibility.
       4 Cleated Outsole with wider cleats for higher grip and self cleaning effect.
       4 Antistatic, Oil/Acid Resistant, Anti Slip and Heat Resistant with shock
         absorbing property, Anti Fatigue.
       Conforming to EN 20345:2011 & IS 15298:2011 & DGMS
       Protection Level - S1                                                                 Ref. FS 61
       Category - Design A
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