Page 205 - domestic catalogue 2018
P. 205

KARAM has worked hard to understand what makes
                                                                people use a Respirator. Comfort is critical. So we have
                                                                gone  far  beyond  a  basic  requirement  and  made  our
                                                                Respirators as comfortable as possible so that the users
                                                                not only wear them, but want to wear them.

                                                                KARAM  offers  you  a  wide  range  of  reusable  and
                                                                supplied  Air  Respirators  for  protection  against
                                                                gases,  vapors,  and  particulates  allowing  you  to
                                                                choose the level and type of protection, comfort, style
                                                                and  maintenance  requirements  you  need,  to  work
                                                                safely, comfortable and effectively.

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