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                      Re-usable Half &
                      Full Face Mask Respirators

       For prolonged periods of use, Half and Full Face Mask, by KARAM
       offer exceptional value and quality, both in combination with
       comfort and ease of use.
       4 Offer protection against particulates, gases and vapors
         and combinations of the two.                                 HALF FACE MASK
       4 These  Respirators  have  integrated  or  replaceable
         filters and parts. They may be cleaned, stored and
         reused provided they are in good condition.

                                                                                            FULL FACE MASK

                                           Supplied Air Respirator

       Providing  clean  breathing  air  is  essential  when  working  in  areas  where  hazardous
       contaminants are present. KARAM offers Supplied Air Respirator developed especially for
       toughest environments.
       They offers comfortable protection against multiple hazards and their ease-of-use
       enables improved productivity in workplace.
       4 Offer protection against dusts, mists, fumes, vapours, and combination hazards.
       4 No increase in breathing resistance means more comfortable and longer
         wear time.
       4 Usable by a wide range of users regardless of facial characteristics ,
         shape, size e.t.c

              KARAM  Advantage:  KARAM  provides  the  unique  Snap
             (Bayonet) Filter Attachment System with all Masks which allows
           the Filters to just be clicked into place ensuring optimum ease of use.
                                                                                        AIR LINE SYSTEM

                        IDENTIFY THE COREECT                                         Identify the Hazards &
                RESPIRATORY PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT                           Step-1    Assess the Risk

         The choice of the right respiratory protective equipment and       Step-2     Select the Right
         filter type depends on the particular working environment and
         individual  requirements.  Follow  these  three  simple  steps  to   Step-3
         choose the protection that helps you to achieve optimum results.           Train in Fitting and Use

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