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       KARAM Full Face Mask                                                    KARAM Full Face Mask can be
       Ref: RS 1111                                                               used with the following
                                                                               Cartridges/ Filters/ Adapter

                                                                               Ref. RS 1111(01)
                                                                               Adapter  and  Special  Connection  (Snap)
                                                                               Cartridges/Filters:  Adapter  can  be
                                                                               mounted  onto  the  Full  Face  mask  front
                                                                               connector with the help of the locking tabs
                                                                               provided on it. Cartridges can therefore be
                                                                               fitted on the Adapter with the help of with
                                                                               special quick connector.

          Engineered  for  maximum  protection,  durability  and  visibility,  this  Respirator  features
          panoramic, wide visibility and a large lens for superior peripheral vision.
          Area of use: For Painting, Paint Manufacturing, Construction, Vehicle Manufacturing, Boat
          Building,  Resin  Manufacturing,  Hospitals,  Laboratories,  Chemical  Handling,  Agriculture,
          Welding, Wood Working, Food Processing, Mining e.t.c
          4 Light weight & highly durable
          4 Provides high impact protection
          4 Comfortable & highly ergonomic in design                           Ref. RS 1111(02)
          4 One size fits all                                                  Full Face Mask Dual Adaptor only: Full Face
          4 Easy to assemble and dismount                                      Mask  Adapter  is  designed  to  be  used  only
          4 Made of an extremely soft non-allergenic Thermoplatic rubber for comfort and fit  with KARAM Full Face Mask Ref. RS 1111 in
                                                                               combination  with  KARAM  Special
          4 Hard-coated polycarbonate scratch resistant lens
                                                                               Connection  Cartridge  /Filters  series
          4 Perfect undistorted vision
                                                                               according to EN 14387 & EN143:2000
          4 Exhalation valve helps make breathing easier giving a cool & dry comfort to the user
          4 Quick Fastening Buckles which are easy to adjust and lock automatically
          4 Inner mask provided with two air circulation valves for preventing the visor from steaming up
          4 Nape Rest for wearing mask round the neck during breaks
          4 Conforms to EN 136: 98 (Class 2)
          Connection Type: Snap-In (Bayonet)
          Facepiece Type: Reusable Full Facepiece
          Harness Type: 5 Point
          Primary Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer for External Mask ,Plain Polycarbonate lens for
          Visor, Head harness molded in Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

                    Call       Safety Expert                                   Threaded  (Screw)  Cartridges/Filters:  Is
                        for further advise                                     also used with Threaded (Screw) Cartridges /
                   Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085            0426                Filters by screwing the filter onto the respective
                                                                               thread on the Full Face Mask.
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