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            KARAM Air Line System
            Ref: RS 1201                             KARAM Air Line System is an isolating, continuous flow Airline Respirator provided with
                                                     Full Face Mask. It is an efficient device to protect Respiratory organs from the dangerous
                                                     effects of chemical products handled in industrial environments.
                                                     Area of Usage: Ideal for use in Aircraft, Ships, Vehicle Manufacturing, Chemical Plants ,
                                                     Asbestos  or  Mold  Remediation,  Assembly  and  Mechanical,  Cleaning,  Painting,  Spray
                                                     Coating, Spray Insulation , Industrial Construction and in every Industrial Workplace.

                                                     GENERAL FEATURES:               SIGNIFICANT FEATURES:
                                                     4 Light weight & highly durable; One size   4 The  Respirator  is  provided  with  a
                                                       fits all                         Filter Silencer that reduces the noise to
                                                     4 Provides high impact protection  a minimum
                                                     4 Comfortable & highly ergonomic in design  4 Equipped  with  an  Overflow  Valve
                                                     4 Easy to assemble and dismount    which  make  this  apparatus  very
                                                                                        comfortable to wear and use
                                                     4 Made  of  an  extremely  soft  non-  4 A System equipped with Continuous Air
                                                       allergenic  Thermoplatic  rubber  for
                                                       comfort and fit                  Flow  mechanism  which  can  easily  be
                                                                                        regulated by the user
                                                     4 Hard-coated  Polycarbonate  scratch   4 Conforms to EN 14594:2005 (Class 4B)
                                                       resistant lens
                                                                                     Facepiece Type: Reusable Full Facepiece
                                                     4 Perfect undistorted vision
                                                     4 Exhalation valve helps make breathing   Harness Type: 5 Point
                                                       easier giving a cool & dry comfort to   Primary Material:
                                                       the user                      Thermoplastic  Elastomer  for  External
                                                     4 Quick  Fastening  Buckles  which  are   Mask ,Plain Polycarbonate lens for Visor,
                                                       easy to adjust and lock automatically  Head  harness  molded  in  Ethylene
                                                     4 Inner  Mask  provided  with  two  air   Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)
                                                       circulation  valves  for  preventing  the
                                                       visor from steaming up
                                                     4 Nape Rest for wearing mask round the
                                                       neck during breaks                                 0426

               Components of KARAM Air Line System:

            Full Face Mask RS 1111 : Equipped with Panoramic Visor, this mask offers superior protection with  peripheral vision
            Over Flow Valve RS 1201(04): Releases excess air to the external environment
            Corrugated Hose RS 1201(01): Carries breathable air in the respiration zone and is positioned between the Overflow Valve and the Filter Silencer
            connected to the flow regulator
            Belt with Flow Regulator Plate RS 1201(02): Support belt to enable easy and comfortable wearing for prolonged working hours
            Flow Regulator: Equipped  with  quick coupling for connection to the feeding hose, it delivers a continuous flow of air that can be regulated by the user
            ALSO AVAILABLE:
            RS 1201 (08) : Air supply hose only (per foot)
            RS 1201 (09) : Female coupling only (to connect air supply hose to flow regulator)
            RS 1201 (10) : Filter silencer for Air Line System

                                            FILTERS / CARTRIDGE                 Threaded  (Screw)  Cartridges  /Filters:
                                                                                Equipped with a screw connection according to
                                            Crafted  for  easy  installation  and  strong
                                            protection,  KARAM  brings  to  you  a  range  of   EN 148-1, this Cartridge can be used with Full Face
                                            Filters/  Cartridges  that  purify  airborne  gas,   Mask.
                                            vapours, dusts, fumes & mists.      FEATURES:
                                            Special  Quick  Connection  (Snap)  Cartridges   4 Consists of Screw-in locking design to ensure
                                            /Filters: To be used with Half & Full Face Mask.   Safety at all times
                                            Available  in  many  versions  as  per  the  area  of
                                            usage and requirement.              4 These Cartridges/Filters are inbuilt with zero
                                                                                   internal leakage properties
                                            4 Consists  of  special  Bayonet-style  design  for
                                              quick mounting
                                            4 Cartridges/Filters lock into its place with one twist

               REF NO.     LABEL COLOUR          REF NO.        LABEL COLOUR          REF NO.     LABEL COLOUR
               RS 1190(UP3)                      RS 1193(A B E K )                    RS 1192(A B )
               RS 1191(A )                       RS 1194(P R)
                       2                                 3
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