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            KARAM introduces NO SPARK Single and Forked Fall Arrest Lanyards for safe working at
            height. In conjunction with NO SPARK Harness, the usage of these Lanyards completes a
            safe ANTI STATIC fall protection gear during work at height in hazardous conditions.

                       No Spark Antistatic E.A. Lanyard                   No Spark Antistatic E.A. Lanyard
                              Ref.  PN 361 (AS)                                   Ref.  PN 328 (AS)

                Ref.       Material   Available Lengths         Attachment Elements                 Conforms to

                                                     Aluminium Karabiner PN 117 with Energy Absorber PN
                          44mm wide       1.5m,                                                Atex 94/9/CE, EN 13463-
             PN 361 (AS)                             300(AS) at one end and Aluminium Rebar Hook PN 136
                       Antistatic webbing  1.8m & 2.0m                                          1:2009 and EN 13463-
                                                                   at other ends.
                                                                                               5:2003. Lanyards webbing
                                                                                                also tested for surface
                          44mm wide     1.0m, 1.5m,  Aluminium Karabiner PN 117 with Energy Absorber PN   resistance as per EN 1149-1:
             PN 328 (AS)                             300(AS) at one end and Aluminium Rebar Hook PN 136
                       Antistatic webbing  1.8m & 2.0m                                         2006 and EN 1149-5:2008.
                                                                   at other end.

                                      A  unique  challenge  while  working  at  height  is  faced  in  those  areas  which  have  an  explosive
               Why                    atmosphere. Besides height, the other big hazard is the presence of volatile compounds in the air.
                                      This air can suddenly burst into flames in the event of generation of spark.
                                      Products made of polymer and plastics are susceptible to create sparking because they tend to
                                      accumulate charge on them. Thus all regular Harnesses, made of polyester or similar polymers
                                      have a tendency to accumulate charge on them which leads to spark generation.

                KARAM  'NO SPARK' range of harnesses and lanyards are specially constructed so as to not to collect this
                                         charge on them, hence not to create any sparking

                                        Regular Webbing
                                                                                           Specialized Webbing
                                  Spark results from static charge              No     NO SPARK webbing of KARAM
                                   build up on the harness and its            Sparking  Harnesses does not allow any
                                        sudden discharge.                               charge to build up, hence does
                                                                                          not cause any sparking.

                            Anti Static NO SPARK webbing also does not allow dust particles to accumulate

                                                                                           Specialized Webbing
                                                                                       The special Antistatic No Spark
                                        Regular Webbing
                                                                                        range of KARAM harnesses do
                                   Normal webbing attracts dust                         not allow dust and micro dirt
                                     due to build up of charge.                         particles to collect over them
                                                                                        since the specialized webbing
                                                                                       used does not allow any charge
                                                                                             to develop on it.

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