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                                                           PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT   ON YOUR SITE

                           Activities at height are inherently dangerous and may lead to severe injury or even death. Proper usage of PPE can hence play
                           the most vital part in ensuring safety in such conditions. It therefore becomes mandatory to inspect PPE before each use.
                           Improper storage and sometimes misuse of these products may contribute to their safety performance.
                           Hence a regular, proper and systematic inspection carried out by trained personnel ensures that only the right equipment is put
                           to use each time.

                           KARAM has formulated a highly systematic approach for the Inspection of PPE.
                           KARAM PPE INSPECTION enables timely detection of any kind of compromise on performance in the equipment which
                           could lead to a dangerous situation, if unheeded.

            All the procedures for Inspection are performed by authorized Inspectors
            trained by



                  Trained and Competent Personnel.
                  Refresh Training for Inspectors - done on a scheduled and regular basis.
                  Unique Inspector Identification Code is allotted to each Inspector for complete


                  Well documented processes for detailed visual inspection.
                  Identified bays for ‘Accepted’ & ‘Rejected’ materials.
                  Proper “Inspection Checked OK” tagging on all Accepted products.


                  Detailed Test Reports for each product tested.
                  PPE Inspection Certificate provided after each Testing Schedule.

                  LABORATORY TESTING

                  Availability of Laboratory Strength Test through defined sampling procedures.
                  Detailed Test Reports with findings provided on request.
                  All Tests carried out in KARAM Testing Laboratory (in process for
                  accreditation by SATRA, UK).

                     Register with KARAM for the Inspection of PPE and ensure complete Protection from Head to Toe.

                                    For further details, kindly contact at
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