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                    THROUGH TRAINING

                   KTC's UNIQUE EDGE                                           TRAINING & CONSULTANCY

                   4 Manufacturing  expertise  and  usage  experience  in  Fall  Protection
                      Equipment for last 19 years.
                   4 In-depth understanding of EN norms.
                   4 Familiarity  with  hazards  and  risks  prevalent  in  industries  such  as
                      Construction,  Telecom,  Cement,  Refineries,  Power  Transmission,
                      Manufacturing and Steel.
                   4 Customised trainings as per client requirements.
                   4 Faculty comprises of experienced industry professionals.

                   KTC AIMS TO

                          Create Safety Awareness

                          Create Work at Height (WAH) competency

                          Impart Technical Knowledge on WAH

                          Impart Product Knowledge

                   KTC OFFERS PROGRAMS ON

                     Working At Height (WAH) Competency             Industry specific
                     Level-II : Advanced  Training  for  Managers  &   4Construction Safety
                                                                    4Scaffold Safety
                     Level-I : Basic Training for Workers
                                                                    4Electrical Safety
                     Working At Height for Telecom Industry         4Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)
                     ATHR    : Advanced Training on Height and Rescue
                     CBTHR : Contractor  Training  on  Height  and
                               Rescue                               4Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)
                                                                    4PPE Introduction & Inspection Training
                     Working at Height (WAH) Awareness
                                                                    4Site inspection & Safety Audit
                     Confined Space Entry
                                                                    Customised Training Programs
                     Level-II : Advanced  Training  for  Designated
                     Level-I : Basic Training for General Workers

                                    KTC's TRAINING

                                    4 Specially built 10m Training Tower
                                      for WAH Simulation
                                    4 Mock Confined Space Training area
                                    4 Specially built Anchorages
                                    4 Fixed Line Systems installations
                                    4 Fully equipped Training Halls

                                  For more details, write to
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