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       a wide RANGE of  REGULAR

       HARNESSES to combat the

       dangers of fall from HEIGHT...

                   H A R N E S S E S

             KARAM  All-purpose Magna range of Full Body
           Harnesses offers high level of ergonomics. Equipped
          with Light Weight Aluminium  D-rings, Quick Connect
              Automatic Buckles and tangle free design that
                facilitates  maximum comfort at all times.

          (B)                  HINO

              As the name speaks itself, the Rhino range of
          harnesses are sturdy and withstand the highest test of
           safety standards laid out in the European Norm and
          are CE certified. Rhino Harnesses are equipped with
          unique features that provide full comfort and safety to
                            the wearer.

                                                                         E-Con                    TM

          ( )             LASTO                               (E)         S   E    R   I  E    S

          KARAM Elasto Full Body Harnesses are made of elastic   E-Con Full Body Harnesses take consideration of
            webbing, providing comfort, versatility, and safety.    safety and compliance. They are made up of new
          The Harness is designed for easy fitting and the elastic   advanced Polyester webbing and are equipped with
            nature of these harnesses enable the user to work       easy to use buckles, and are IS Certified.
                         with more freedom.

          (D) VEST          HARNES ES

                                                                                            Safety Expert
          KARAM introduces Vest Harnesses especially designed                    Call   for further advise
           into the vest for tangle free body wear.  Incorporated
           with multiple pockets and retro reflective tape, these               Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085
                Harnesses are good for use in workshops,
            maintenance, service and many other applications.
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