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                                                           Now Lighter than
                                                           Now Lighter than
                                                             ever before,
                                                             ever before,
               H A R N E S S E S                                                        New  Wrap  Around  Velcro
                                                         having Aluminium D-rings!      Fastened  Label  Cover  to  secure
                                                         having Aluminium D-rings!
                                                                                        all product information under it.
             Magna is the Premium Series of KARAM Harnesses
             and comes with the highest features of Ergonomics,
             Comfort  and  Safety,  Quick  Connect  Automatic
             Buckles, and a Tangle-Free Design.
                                                                       Distinctive FEATURES of
                                                                                      MAGNA RANGE

                                                                                         Shoulder  Straps  :  Fully  padded
                                                                                         Shoulder  straps  with  knitted  mesh
             ID  Plate:  Dorsal  Webbing                                                 pads  for  better  comfort  and  air
             Holding Cross Plate maintains                                               circulation.
             the D-ring in place even after a

             Elastic  Loops:  Specially
             designed  to  retain  the  excess
             strap while adjustment.

                                                                                         Lanyard  Keepers  :  Specially
                                                                                         designed  keepers  on  both  sides  for
                                                                                         safely  attaching  the  free  connector
                                                                                         end of forked lanyard.
             Automatic Buckles: Extremely
             easy  to  use  for  single-hand                                             Metal  Components:  All  hardware
                                                                                         used  are  Black  Powder  Coated  to
                                                                                         provide  the  highest  degree  of
                                                                                         corrosion  resistance  packed  with
                                                                                         high aesthetic appeal.

             Stitching  Pattern:  Unique
             aesthetic  stitch  pattern  for
             enhanced  stitching,  strength                                              Work  Positioning  Belt  :  With
             and  smart styling.                                                         knitted mesh pads for extra comfort.
                                                                                         The  belt  is  provided  with  holding
                                                                                         loops for attaching tool bags etc.

             Combination Buckles :  With a
             unique  pull-up  grip,  these
             buckles are very  easy  to  use  &
             can  be  tightened/  loosened
             with one hand. They provide for
             very  comfortable  adjustment,                                              Lateral  D-Rings  :  Specially
             keeping the Harness snug fit to
             the body.                                                                   designed  to  stand  out,  enabling
                                                                                         easy attachment  to  the  work
                                                                                         positioning Lanyard.

                                                                                          Certified  and  Conforms  to  EN
                                                                                          361 : 2002, EN 358 : 1999 & EN
                                                                                          813 : 2008

                                                                       ® Equipped  with light Weight Aluminium D-
             Thigh Straps : The distinctively
             placed fully padded straps with                              Rings to facilitate maximum comfort.
             automatic  buckles  allow  easy                           ® D-Ring with “BEND” for easy accessibility to
             adjustment.  The  knitted  mesh
             net used in the pads  maintains                              the user during positioning at all times.
             proper air circulation.
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