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       H A R N E S S E S
        LONG WORKING HOURS                             We have a SOLUTION   for YOUR PROBLEM...
        at height makes your BODY ACHE          “Use EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE MAGNA HARNESSES             ,
        and EXHAUSTED                        Specially Design for protection during EXTENDED HOURS at HEIGHT”

          Ref. MAGNA 1                               Ref. MAGNA 2
          Magna  1  Harness  has  a  single  dorsal   Magna  2  Harness  is  one  of  the  most  extensively  used  harnesses  of
          attachment  D-ring,  and  two  front  attachment   KARAM,  particularly  for   Tower  and  Ladder  Climbing.  The  sternal
          textile loops for fall arrest. It is designed for use   attachment  textile  loops  can  be  attached  to  a  rope-grab  to  allow  safe
          for  fall  protection  during  extended  hours  of   anchorage while climbing. The two lateral D-rings on this harness provide
          working at height .                        attachment  for   Work-Positioning  lanyards,  enabling  safe  and
                                                     comfortable positioning at a height.  The lumbar mesh-pad provides
                                                     extreme level of  support to the back while working at a height.

                                                            Attachment Point
          Ref. No.   Material   Standard  Application                                Weight     Adjustability
                                                    Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Ventral

                                                                                               Fully adjustable
                             EN 361:2002
          Magna 1   Polyester              FA                                        1680 gms  shoulder, chest strap
                                                                                                & thigh straps.
                                                                                              Adjustable shoulder,
          Magna 2   Polyester  EN 361:2002  FA + WP                                  2210 gms  thigh-straps and
                             EN 358:1999
                                                                                                 waist belt.

       * FA = Fall Arrest; WP = Work Positioning                         Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Belt  Ventral
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