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                                                         Now Lighter than
                                                        Now Lighter than
                                                          ever before,
                                                          ever before,
                                                         having Aluminium                     Call      Safety Expert
                                                         having Aluminium
                                                             D-rings!                             for further advise
            H A R N E S S E S                                                                Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085

               Need all in One..... COMFORT            KARAM UNDERSTANDS         your needs & offers you MAGNA
               ADJUSTABILITY and                         ALL PURPOSE HARNESSES for all your     EXTREME
               ERGONOMICS                                               WORK SITUATIONS

            Ref. MAGNA 2(W)                                    All Purpose Harness
            Magna  2(W)  Harness  is  specifically  designed  for  the   Ref. MAGNA 3
            windmill industry. It is equipped with one Sternal D-Ring   Equipped  with  the  all  features  of  Adjustability  &  Ergonomics,
            for  fall  arrest  and  two  Lateral  D-Rings  for  Work   KARAM Magna 3  is an ideal Harness for Fall Arrest and Work
            Positioning. It has a back cover with velcro on waist belt
            for  lumbar  support.  The  grommeted  waist  belt  allows     Positioning while working for long hours at a height.
            easy  adjustment.   Can  also  be  provided  with   However,  it is the ventral and sternal attachment D-rings on
            Suspension  Intolerance  Straps  to  combat  the  ill   this harness that makes it  the right choice for use in Rescue,
            effects of Suspension Trauma.                      Rope Access, Tower Climbing  and Window Cleaning.

                                                                Attachment Point
             Ref. No.   Material  Standard  Application                                  Weight     Adjustability
                                                       Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Ventral

                                                                                                  Adjustable shoulder,
             Magna 2 (W) Polyester  EN 361:2002  FA + WP                                 2600 gms  thigh-straps and
                                EN 358:1999
                                                                                                     waist belt.
                                EN 361:2002                                                       Adjustable shoulder,
             Magna 3    Polyester  EN 358:1999  FA + WP + RA                             2410 gms  thigh-straps and
                                EN 813:2008                                                          waist belt.

             * FA = Fall Arrest; WP = Work Positioning; RA = Rope Access  Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Belt  Ventral  018
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