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       FULL BODY


        KARAM Rhino Range of Full Body Harnesses comes
        in the catchy combination of Green and Black.
        Equipped  with  unique  features  that  provide  full
        comfort and ergonomics to the wearer, this range of
        Harnesses  withstands  the  highest  test  of  Safety
        standards as laid out in the European Norms, and is CE
                                                                               FEATURES of

       Web  Keepers  :  All  End  Straps
       equipped  with  unique  plastic  web                                 RHINO RANGE
       keepers  for  minimizing  the
       chances of accidental openings of
       web  ends,  hence  ensure  that  the
       Harness is snugly fit at all times. Also,
       it gives better grip while adjustment.
                                                                                       Dorsal  Attachment  Point:
                                                                                       For  attachment  to  Fall
       Label : All labels and markings of the
       harness are enclosed within strong                                              Arrest,  enables  straight
       polyethylene  tube  to  prevent  the                                            upright    position  in  the
       fading  of  print  due  to  sunlight  and                                       event of a fall.
       water,  thereby  ensuring  that  the
       marking stays longer.
                                                                                       Chest Strap: In most of the
                                                                                       models  the  chest  strap  is
                                                                                       equipped  with  unique
       Adjustment Buckles: All adjustment                                              sliding  chest  strap  plates
       buckles are  provided with a unique                                             to  enable  the  user  to  bring
       “Pull  Grip”  to  enable  easy  pull                                            chest  strap  in  required
       down with thumb and easy to adjust                                              position.
       straps for a good fit.

                                                                                       All metal fittings come with
                                                                                       yellow  passivation  which
        Marking A or A/2(two together):                                                offers  better  corrosion
        Denotes attachment point for Fall                                              resistance, capable of taking
                                                                                       salt  spray  test  of  minimum
                                                                                       72  hours  against  50  hours
                                                                                       requirement  as  per  the  EN
        Fluorescent  green  colour  of  the
        webbing  is  conspicuous  and
        makes it easier for safety officers to
        locate workers.

                                                                                      All textile loops of the harness
                                                                                      covered  with  strong  textile
                                                                                      reinforcement  to  reduce
                                                                                      abrasion  of  the  webbing
                                                                                      when  in  contact  with  the
                                                                                      metallic connectors.
                        Option of captive pin on request
                        KARAM offers the Harnesses that comes with the Screw-Locking Karabiner PN 112(C)
                        (With captive pin), permanently attached to the dorsal D-ring of the Harness.
                        A damaged Lanyard can be easily removed from the Dorsal-Ding and replaced by a
                        fresh one when using such a Karabiner.
                        This range is available on all the KARAM Harness models and are referred to as Model
                        Ref No. with 'K' eg : PN 12( K), PN 22( K) etc.
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